Company History

Benchmark Hospitality International has a phenomenal history spanning 30+ years in the hospitality industry. From its founding in 1980 by Humberto "Burt" Cabanas, the Benchmark name has become known for the highest standards of excellence and for creating unique environments that serve the specific needs and vision of the clients we support.

We've taken years of experience in learning what creates a great conference center, hotel or resort and constructed a formula that you'll find in all of the properties we manage. This formula allows us to create relaxing and rewarding environments away from the office and the distractions and interruptions of daily business life which foster the exchange of ideas, problem-solving and retention of learning. It's this unique approach and dedication to service that allows Benchmark to stand apart from all others in the hospitality industry and allows us to continue to set the standards for excellence for ourselves and for the clients we serve.

As an employer, Benchmark Hospitality prides itself on providing an entrepreneurial work environment where dedicated service professionals can dare to create, share and build futures for themselves and for Benchmark Hospitality.