The Benchmark Employee

At Benchmark we have a reputation for quality and excellence that is unsurpassed in the hospitality industry. We believe in delivering extraordinary experiences for our clients and guests; experiences that are not only seen, but felt. And, it's the dedication of nearly 6,000 employees that deliver on this service promise each and every day.

On the surface it would seem that there is no typical Benchmark employee - we all come from different backgrounds, have different skills and talents, different experiences and even different cultures - but what you'll find is that the employees you may one day call your peers are very much like you, in spirit. Whether working as a cook, a manager, or somewhere in between, the Benchmark Employee is an individual who loves the hospitality industry. They maintain an upbeat, positive, warm and friendly demeanor and have an instinctive desire to provide every guest with nothing less than extraordinary service. They are individuals who thrive on the ability to make informed decisions that are in the best interests of our clients and which support our organization's goals and objectives. They are individuals with a relentless passion for excellence and a determination to succeed in their own careers, while helping others to build their own futures.

If you're looking for a place where you can build your own future while delivering the very best service in the hospitality industry, consider a future with Benchmark.